Jharkhand Mineral Policy

To facilitate systematic, scientific and planned utilization of mineral resources and to accelerate the mineral based development of the State, the Jharkhand Industrial Policy has incorporated relevant policy guidelines. The Policy aims to ensure optimal utilization of available mineral resources, development of vast mineral potential, generate revenues for socio-economic development, impart boost to the economy of the State and enhance the employment opportunities.

Extracts of Jharkhand Industrial Policy

- Extracts that are relevant for the Mining and Minerals Sector

Jharkhand region is generously endowed with Mineral Wealth and the State Government is committed to create an environment conducive to the growth of Mining and Mineral based Industries in the State. In view of this, the State's Industrial policy covers certain clauses relevant for Mining and Mineral sector, which are enumerated below:

  • Simplify procedures and expedite granting of mining leases.
  • Provide certain relief to make mining activities easier.
  • Encourage use of modern exploration techniques to set up a resource inventory of various minerals in the State.
  • Encourage joint venture projects with SMDC.
  • Clear mining lease applications and project report within 60 days.
  • Encourage Foreign investment and technological collaboration by OCBs and NRIs in selected sectors including Mineral development.
  • Encourage Private Sector participation in Mining Activities.