Services provided by JSMDC

  • JSMDC Acts as a catalyst by carrying out detailed exploration, mine planning and mine development.
  • JSMDC Acts as a Nodal agency for development of mineral resources like hematite, coal, limestone, bauxite, etc. for small entrepreneurs.
  • JSMDC Encourages research and development in mining sector and mineral utilization.
  • JSMDC Provides channels of marketing and supply of various minerals made available by village cooperatives/State Government/Central Government.
  • JSMDC Promotes value addition of mineral, development of mines, mining and developing infrastructure in mineral bearing areas by entering into joint venture with reputed national/international concerns or on its own.
  • JSMDC Facilitates establishment and growth of mineral based industries in the State.
  • JSMDC Facilitates development of mineral based industries by ensuring smooth and uninterrupted supply of various raw materials, which includes imports wherever required.
  • JSMDC Evolves innovative and aggressive commercial and marketing techniques and practices.
  • JSMDC Develops linkages/collaboration with established mining industries for integrated development of mineral properties.